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The Beginning of KALAH

After Idan Abolnik completed his Israeli military service with the Golani Unit (and taking part in high risk operations in South Lebanon and West Bank), Idan Abolnik joined the Israel Security Forces (i.e. Israeli Railways, Maritime Security Services, Close Protection) for projects inside and outside of Israel.
Starting in 2003, he trained police security forces, close protection-, and law enforcement units, and the farm community in South Africa where he completed many close protection projects, including a project with an Israeli company. It was in South Africa in 2003 that he founded the KALAH system. Before long, its effectiveness made a name for itself and national security, and law enforcement units started to use it in their daily program.

KALAH is for everyone. But what does it mean: ‘Everyone’?
KALAH is for everyone who really wants to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones. It’s not for building your fitness. It’s not for making you feel good; because if you face a real attack, even if you ‘win’—you will never feel comfortable. You will never feel in power, you’ll always be shocked, you’ll be maybe panicking, and your life will have changed completely after. This is what we want people to understand.

Everyone is welcome to learn KALAH
Civilians, male or female, law enforcement or security forces. But KALAH training is not comfortable. It’s uncomfortable on purpose because KALAH wants to make sure you know how to deal with uncomfortable situations, an uncomfortable environment, with a chain of events where you already failed. So a class or course of KALAH can be overwhelming, but this is for the benefit of the student or client.

In KALAH we are learning how to defend against cold weapons, hot weapons, multiple attacks, groundwork; and then we have the other side of KALAH: the tactical training where, of course, we also bring the realistic approach. We very much separate the sport shooting mentality from combat training in tactical movement, close protection, personal security details, or urban warfare. In KALAH tactical training we again look to the reality to be our teacher. Idan Abolnik brings his background and experience from the battlefield, but again we can’t ever stop to study reality, even if we are operative soldiers, and this is exactly what we need to bring to KALAH. This what KALAH brings to people.

KALAH now is known
KALAH now is known as one of the most effective self defense systems around the world. Krav Maga practitioners are implementing KALAH in their schools, law enforcements including Israel are implementing KALAH principles in their training. Just remember: KALAH wants people to survive in self defense situations, male or female, but surviving reality in self defense is never fun and easy.